Location of Lost Dynasty Lore Object

Here’s the location of the Lost Dynasty Lore Object, which is part of The Dark Heart of the Mogu achievement.


The location on the map in Karasarang Wilds:


World_of_Warcraft 2

And here’s the Lost Dynasty Object itself:



Flash Point 82: The Dead Air Tribute Edition

flashpoint-podcastEpisode 82 sees us allegedly get into the groove of our revamped format. We cover quite a bit of ground on a bunch of topics from Firefall to Weird Al Yankovic.

Points of discussion:

1. MMO News

SWTOR: Live stream tour of strongholds (link), Legacy Storage and BOP items (link), David’s subscription close call (and a tangent to the infamous Comcast call)

Others: Firefall out of beta and into early access (link)

Interlude: Your Lore Is Stuck In My Canon: Manaan

2. General Gaming News
–  Destiny beta has started (link), Zombie U sucks the big one, Watchdogs and Mario Kart 8 biggest June sellers (link), PS4 outselling Xbox One (link)

3. Pop Culture

Film: Guardians of the Galaxy

Comics: Captain America costume to be worn by Sam Wilson (The Falcon) and Thor is now a woman (link).

Music: Weird Al Yankovic’s 8 vids in 8 days (link).

4. Tech Roundup
– Microsoft lays off 18000 staff (link)
– 3D Metal printing (link)

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Star Wars Force For Change: Get Involved!

We’ve talked about it a couple of times on our podcast, but I wanted to do a quick post to remind our enormous and dedicated readers that there’s a great Star Wars related fundraiser going on that could get you a walk on role in Star Wars Episode VII.

Here’s where to find out more – but trust me this is a great thing to get involved with.

Please consider donating some dollars, and hell you might fluke the big kahuna of an appearance in the movie! Plus, you get some pretty spiffy weekly badges to recognise your efforts. Here’s a couple I’ve received:





What’s not to like?


Flash Point 81: More Arse In Your Gravy

flashpoint-podcastThis episode sees us unveil the new show format… which isn’t a lot different to the old format but we do have some new audio tags and some more formalised segments. So that’s something right?

Points of discussion:

1. MMO News

SWTOR: new Community Coordinator, video of Tatooine homestead (link), developer update on Strongholds (link), Double XP weekend, Bounty Contract Week going live on 8th July, Club Vertica Nightlife pack (link).

The Secret World: TSW’s second anniversary (link)

Others: World of Tanks launches on mobile devices (iOS and Android), getting thrashed in Hearthstone.

2. General Gaming News
– Are the PC Master Race the Next-Gen consoles’ bitches? (link)
– Xbox Cloud – more than just arse gravy?
– Mario Kart 8

3. Pop Culture

TV: Orange is The New Black, Dominion, Game of Thrones Exhibition in Sydney

Film: Harrison Ford injures himself on the set of Star Wars Episode VII (link)

4. Tech Roundup
– Leap Motion v 2.0 (link)
– Google i/o roundup and Google Cardboard (link)

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The Secret World 1.9 Full Patch Notes






Orochi Damage Inhibitor can no longer be deleted.
Orochi Damage Inhibitor is now character bound.
NPCs at Zeroes’ Wild and Susanoo’s Diner will no longer be total grumps and block access to the stairways.
Fixed an issue that could very rarely prevent the Hyper-Infected Citizen from properly spawning.
When using an AEGIS Transit Case or Biohazard Container, 1 Sequin of Sunrise will be given if you would otherwise have not received anything.


Tower Defence – Reduced the amount of AEGIS research data given by the Transit Case rewards.



Fixed an issue with effects that should address at least some of the performance drops seen if you are logged in for a long time.


The Pachinko Model – The last tier of the repeatable version of this mission now grants XP.
Tower Defence – Fixed an issue where headgear and hats were not properly removed during the cinematic.



Fixed an issue with AEGIS shields that could cause clients to crash.
AP Injectors will no longer be consumed if they would put the user over the AP cap.
Timed AP Boosts will no longer be consumed if there is already a Timed AP Boost buff running.
Removed invisible collision blocking the Agartha exit in Tokyo.


Fixed an issue where multiple copies of the AEGIS swapping UI would show when swapping to or from empty AEGIS slots.

Enemies will no longer attempt to cast Psychic Renewal while Obstructed.
Corrected an issue that prevented Full Momentum from granting 5 hammer resources.
Fixed an issue with some passive effects applying more often than they should.
Oni will no longer be broken by Strange Attractor.
Fixed an issue where some damage over time effects would not do the correct damage.

New York
The Animate Clay – The exit grate from The Creature’s Abode will now work correctly again.
Right of Way – The repeatable version of this mission should now properly fail if players fail to enter the portal within the allotted time.
Hell of a Blow – Players should now keep the detonator until the mission has been completed.
Texts – This mission will now display in the proper mission journal category when completed.
Runaway Circus – In the event that a character somehow manages to lose the mission, it can now be re-obtained at the Subway Exit at the center of Kaidan City. Please note that this mission cannot be repeated.
Runaway Circus – Resolved an issue that prevented the player’s character from appearing during the first 2 shots of the cinematic played at the end of the mission.
Tower Defence – Fixed an issue where headgear and hats were not properly removed during the cinematic.
Tower Defence – Interacting with the generator when resuming the mission on Tier 4 will correctly give the generator and update the mission.
Tower Defence – Orochi defence tower manual is now a temporary mission item.
Tower Defence – Fixed an issue where players joining ‘Defend the breach’ while enemies are already fighting would not get a goal update after the assault ends.
The Pachinko Model – Sachiko is no longer the frail little ghost girl that she was.
Follow the White Rabbit – This mission can no longer be shared.
Hell’s Arsenal – Fixed a misleading waymarker.
Hell of a Blow – This mission will now display in the proper mission journal category when completed.
Spiral – The Home Alone achievement can now be completed after failing and re-entering the instance.
Right of Way – The Dignity Intact achievement can now be completed after failing and re-entering the instance.
The following missions will now award 3 Sequins of Sunrise (up from 2):
Venice Sinking (including repeatable version)Back to the Beginning (including repeatable version)
The Right of Way (including repeatable version)
Contract Killers (including repeatable version)
The Pachinko Model (including repeatable version)
Spiral (including repeatable version)
The following missions will now also award a Small Biohazard Container:
Venice Sinking (repeatable version only)
Back to the Beginning (repeatable version only)
The Right of Way (repeatable version only)
Contract Killers (repeatable version only)
The Pachinko Model (repeatable version only)
Spiral (repeatable version only)
The following missions now have an 18 hour cooldown (down from 68 hours):
Dear Diary
Filth Evolved
Noodles & Swords
Spy Games
Treachery in Purple
Masks in Exile
TextsHell’s Arsenal
Hell of a Blow
Feed the Tank
Chasing Bad Luck
Samurai Robots Can Happen to Anyone
The Ghost Lord
Pieces of Sarah
Population of Filth



The Wall – Lore 6 – is now accessible to players.
Fixed a client crash related to AEGIS controller switching.
Fixed a client crash related to the AEGIS system.


The Transdimensional Bank item has been restored.
Corrected Stimulant Brew Injector – Healing having a temporary name.
Changed the Stimulant Brew Injector – Healing functionality to allow it to be used on allies and on self.


Bosses in the story mission for Tokyo will no longer attempt to reapply their Psychic AEGIS.


City of the Sun God
Black Sun, Red Sand – Fixed an issue that would not let players enter the Atenist temple.
The Pachinko Model – Placeholder text with unpowered computers replaced with correct text.
The Pachinko Model – Fixed an issue where the instance would appear differently for players in a group.
Tower Defence – Fixed an issue with players sometimes getting stuck on the goal “Defend the Breach”.
Right of Way – Ibaraki should now reset if he becomes unresponsive.



Fixed an issue in the new player cinematics where the wrong clothing was displayed on characters.


The Eternal Echoes tab will no longer show any Eternal Echoes that you have only partially completed and that currently cannot be completed.


The Psychic Renewal ability cast by some NPCs now has a 15 second cooldown.
AEGIS controllers can no longer be swapped during the global recharge timer.


Back to the Beginning – Resolved an issue that caused Sarah to occasionally become unresponsive near the start of this mission.



New missions! Travel to Tokyo to take on a brand new chapter in The Secret World’s main story!
Use the all new AEGIS System to overcome new challenges and customize your character more than ever before!
Explore an all new adventure playfield full of hours of entertainment with new characters, missions, monsters, lore, and achievements!


Sprint is now reapplied after going through Agartha fast travel portals.
Fixed an issue that could cause characters to play the wrong movement animation after a change in speed.
Fixed a case where sound effects for completing mission tiers and missions were not playing.
Leaving a playfield with active need/greed windows open will now pass on those rolls.
When a character who won an item roll can no longer receive the item it will instead be given to the top roller who can receive it.
The Buzz achievement no longer requires players to obtain The Abandoned lore entries.
The Abandoned lore entries have been moved to a new Sidestories category in the Lore window.
Crafting a stack of something will now put it all in your bag if you have space, and not sometimes leave some in your crafting result slot.
Reduced the amount of rare gadget toolkits that drop in the world.
Changed logging level of Scaleform log messages to reduce spam in the client logs.
Players should no longer be able to take missions from mission givers while they are threatened, regardless of whether they are actually in combat or not.
The Obsidian Pharaoh Hound now lists the correct month in which it was awarded.
Updated the descriptions for pets that require an achievement to specify which achievements are required.
Format of text in the options screen has been made more consistent.
Added a missing tooltip to the Show Tutorial Popups interface option.
Fixed the description of the Free for All loot option.
Updated the text for “Filth Exterminator” and “The Bane of Dis” in the achievement window to indicate that they are titles.
Updated several abilities to use the official spelling of metre.
Increased the amount of screenshots the client can save.


Added four new AEGIS weapon controller equipment slots to the character sheet. The AEGIS controller in the large central box will be the active one. Pressing the AEGIS swap keys (9 and 0 default) will switch your active AEGIS controller.
Added a display above the ability bar to show which AEGIS controllers are currently active. Clicking this display will switch your active aegis.
A new minimap and map has been added to Agartha.
Added a Character Select button to the main menu which will return you to the character selection screen.
Added an icon to the nametags of players who are currently watching a cinematic.
Fixed a case where you would sometimes not see the stats of other characters correctly. Typically this could manifest itself as seeing other players not at full health even though they were, especially when many players converge in a small area.
Fixed an issue where tooltips for buffs in the Team UI and Defensive Target UI would not appear.
Fixed an issue where tooltips for buffs in the Team UI and Defensive Target UI would not go away.
Fixed an issue that was causing XP values above 2,147,483,647 to display incorrectly. (The correction will happen after the next XP award).
Fixed a case where the Exit Game button in the main menu didn’t work on the login or character selection screens.
Clicking and dragging the Team UI will now allow you to move it to anywhere on your screen.
Clicking and dragging the Defensive Target UI will now allow you to move it to anywhere on your screen.
Clicking the menu button on the Team UI will now open a dropdown that will allow you to hide the Team UI, lock the position of the Team UI, or lock the position of the Defensive Target UI.
Added a menu button to the Defensive Target UI when the Team UI is not active that allows players to lock the Defensive Target UI in place.
Fixed several cases where the Team UI would not maintain its minimized state.
Team UI will now resize properly when new buffs are added to a team member.
Buffs displayed on the Team UI will now show counters and timers.
Fixed a case where there was extra space before a team member’s name after changing team leadership.
Made several changes to the way that buffs are displayed:
If a player has stacks of a buff running on a target, that player will be shown their own stacks and timers.
If a player does not have stacks of a buff running on a target, that player will be shown whichever copy of the buff has the most stacks.
Fixed a case where dragged item icons would be offset from the cursor while dragging.
The search functions on the Market have been expanded to help further filter search results.
Swapped the ring and wrist talisman slots in the gear manager.
Added a sound effect when switching equipment pages in the character sheet.
Fixed a case where the compass and share buttons in the Mission UI could not be clicked.
Added a new tab to the Achievement UI for Eternal Echoes. Eternal Echoes are achievements that are not permanently available.
The Eternal Echoes tab will show all Eternal Echoes that you have at least partially completed, as well as any that are currently available for completion.
The Eternal Echoes tab will not show any Echoes that you have not at least partially completed and that currently cannot be completed.
The Achievements/Lore UI should now reopen to the Achievement/Lore that it was last closed on.
Opening the Achievement/Lore UI by clicking the new Achievement or new Lore notification will open the UI to that achievement or lore entry.
New lore notification now vanishes when the achievement/lore UI is opened.
Newly acquired lore entries should now have a notification next to them in the lore GUI.
Fixed a case where the frame around newly unlocked achievements would be the wrong size.
Fixed a case where notifications on new achievements would not be cleared after viewing the new achievement.
The “Online” column in the cabal members list has been renamed “Activity”.
The “Activity” column in the cabal members list will now display the last date an offline cabal member was online.
The Friends list will now display the last online date for offline cabal members.
Added CharacterBase.IsThreatened() function to the UI. This function will return true if the character is hated by any enemy. Previously, CharacterBase.IsInCombat() was used, but only returns true if the player is actively in combat with the enemy.


Fixed an issue that caused Work shirts to clip with Pinstripe suit jackets.
Fixed a graphical issue with the 50s styled female hair option.
Fixed a clipping issue with the female version of Black Metal – Brutal pants, black.
Fixed an issue with the size of the female version of Carapace of the Immaculate Machine – Boots.


We have changed the way vendors give you items to function in the same way as items that are given from loot, crafting, or quest rewards. This affects whether items are considered the same for inventory stacking purposes and will make some previously purchased items (like potions) unable to stack with newly purchased items of the same type. It will however also make newly purchased items able to stack with the same type of item acquired elsewhere.
Updated the prices for most consumables in all faction HQs. QL 8 prices stayed the same, while QL 10 prices have gone up. QL 2, 4, and 6 prices have gone down considerably.
Auxiliary weapon tooltips will no longer display as Bind on Equip.
Grim Glamour: Mummy, Grim Glamour: Vampire, and Grim Glamour: Zombie are now properly labeled as Bind on Pickup.
Corrected a typo with the Pure Anima – Attack Rating tooltip in the German client.
Corrected a typo on the Event Horizon Cannon tooltip.
Fixed a typo in the Artisan’s Tool Augmenter that should make it easier to search on the Market.
Sack of Penny Dreadfuls will now properly appear on the Market.
Left sock and Right sock will now properly appear on the Market.
Spoils of Niflheim will now properly appear on the Market.
Enruned Quetzal Bird will now properly appear on the Market.
Signet reward bags will now have their rarity represented in text as with other items.
Added a small cooldown to the AP Injectors to prevent more than one from being consumed at a time.
Renamed the various healing potions that are purchased from PvP vendors to differentiate them from the crafted versions.
Updated to the tooltips of all Trinkets on linked cooldowns to indicate which Trinkets affect each other’s cooldowns.
Fixed a display issue with the Burst of Energy advanced tooltip in the French client.
Red sargassum barrel can now be deleted.
Sufferer’s raiment can now be deleted.
Radar trackers will no longer play during cinematics.


Evades are now shown in the combat log.
Fixed an issue that could cause players to become permanently impaired.
All of the stacking rating effects in the game (Block Rating, Penetration Rating, Evade Rating, Hit Rating, Critical Rating, Critical Power Rating, Defense Rating, and Protection Rating) now provide 35 per stack instead of 30.
Attacks against enemies of a higher rank than your weapon skill will no longer have an increased chance to glance.
Any target affected by multiple successive taunts will now only be affected by the most recently applied taunt.
Abilities that act on hit should last only as long and affect the number of targets as intended.
Passives that are supposed to trigger from Hindering will now work more reliably.
Passives which trigger off impair will no longer trigger if the target is immune to impair effects.
Added new text to all abilities that are not affected by and that do not trigger the global recharge timer.
Updated the wording in all “Defence” gadgets to state that they are procced by glances.
Updated all percentage damage increasing effects to use the same method of damage increase. This change should make damage increases easier to understand and behave more consistently.
Updated all effects which heal for a flat amount, such as Karma Curio and Turn the Tables, to take into account negative healing modifiers from effects such as Corrupted.
Fixed an issue that caused percent max health based heals to not be modified by the Corrupted debuff or other heal reducing effects.
Fixed an issue where some stacking dots would not work correctly if more than one character was applying them.
Fixed an issue which caused passive proc effects to not always trigger in specific cases where multiple players attempted to trigger the same effect on the same target at the same time.
Damage over time effects, proc effects, and persistent ground damaging areas applied by players are now able to critically hit and penetrate. Likewise, they are now also able to glance and be blocked. These effects will still not trigger other effects, ie: a damage over time crit will not trigger One in the Chamber, they will just have their damage modified by these hit event types.
Updated heal procs and heal over time effects to now be able to critically hit, similar to how damage over time and damage proc effects are able.
Updated the tooltip of the Occluding Lens effect.
Reworked the way Gaian Exposure adds healing power. It will now increase the character’s overall healing power (instead of just the weapon’s) by 1% per stack. This allows Gaian Exposure to affect passives, Miscellaneous abilities, and any other item abilities that are calculated with the “Healing Power” stat.
Updated the tooltip of the Gaian Exposure buff.
The healing proc on Blood of the Old Ones will no longer affect NPCs.
Reduced the duration of the Entanglement effect on some Nightmare enemies.
Fixed several issues with dungeon Head Talisman items not providing their buff effects.
Fixed several issues with the Ma’at’s Judgement item.
Fixed various issues with the dungeon talisman Pride.
Removed the short silence effect from the Deathless form ability Blood Burst to prevent constant self-silencing.

Intensity should now correctly increase hate generated by Escalation.
Updated the tooltip of Strange Attractor to denote that it Impairs affected targets.
Increased the cooldown of Strange Attractor to 45s (was 30s).
Prisoner of Fate will now go on cooldown immediately after use.
The evade effect from Illusion is now able to be purged in all cases.
Fixed an issue where Backlash would not always gain counters when evading.
Fixed an issue where the tooltip for Cry Havoc displayed more damage than it should (Note that the damage from Cry Havoc has not changed and this was only a display fix.).
Reduced the cooldown of Immutable to 80 seconds (from 100).

Updated the description of Short Fuse to indicate that it will multiply damage output.
Fixed an issue which caused Elemental Force to gain stacks when queuing a non-stack building ability after a damaging ability with a cast time.
Abilities such as turrets and manifestations which do not advance the Elemental Force counter are no longer able to take advantage of the bonus effect this passive generates.
Abilities which do not benefit from Elemental Force should no longer advance the counter and consume the effect.
Abilities which benefit from Elemental Force should now always advance the counter and consume the effect.
Fixed an issue where Magnetic Wipe would purge a target even if the ability did not successfully hit.
Criticality will now only cause damage to a single target once per second. For example, if you critically hit 5 targets in an AoE, there will no longer be 5 Criticality chains generated.
Fixed an issue where Criticality would not proc on separate targets if they were damaged by an earlier proc of Criticality.
Removed the cooldown from Thor’s Hammer.
Increased the damage dealt by Big Bang.
Removed the 5 second cooldown on Inferno.

Blood Magic
Clarified the description of Gross Anatomy to specify that it triggers when an affliction effect is renewed.
Splatter should now properly affect Conditional Force.
Increased the damage dealt by Arterial Pulse.
Arterial Pulse will now only cause damage to a single target once per second. For example, if you penetrate 5 targets in an AoE, there will no longer be 5 additional hits of Arterial Pulse generated.
Updated the tooltip for Thicker Than Water to reflect the fact that it will affect healing Blood Magic abilities.
Improved Angelic Aegis, Ruby Curtain, The Scarlet Arts, Exquisite Corpse, and Linked Veins to benefit from abilities that increase the healing power of Blood Magic abilities.
Removed the cooldown from There Will Be Blood.
Fixed an issue that caused Bloodsport and Corrupted Blood to not trigger Gross Anatomy when refreshed.
Blood Bank counters should now last 10 seconds as the tooltip states.
Reduced the max stack size on Blood Bank to 5.
Increased the damage bonus on Affliction effects on Blood Bank to 3% per stack.
Increased the next barrier granted by Infusion to 35% (from 30%).
Reduced the cooldown of Transfuse and Abuse to 25 seconds (from 45).
Contaminate can now be silenced, now counts as Blood Magic, and is now classified as a magical ability.

The extra hit performed by Steel Echo should now gain modifications from buff effects.
Fixed an issue with Chop Shop which made its radius smaller than it should be.
Fixed the simple tooltip of Chop Shop to more accurately reflect what the ability does.
Fixed an issue which caused Fatal Flourish to gain stacks when queuing a non-stack building ability after a damaging ability with a cast time.
Abilities such as turrets and manifestations which do not advance the Fatal Flourish counter are no longer able to take advantage of the bonus effect this passive generates.
Significantly increased the damage dealt by the Fortunate Strike passive ability.
Fixed an issue which caused Blade Torrent to generate more hate than it should.
Increased the base damage dealt by Grass Cutter while decreasing the bonus damage from hitting afflicted targets.
Increased the charge distance of Saving Grace to 20 (from 15).
Silver Streak now cleanses hinders.
Updated the description of Regeneration to state that it lasts 10 seconds.

Fixed an issue where Go for the Throat displayed lower damage in the tooltip than it should.
Predator passive now states that it improves healing as well as damage.
Increased the damage bonus value of Animal Instinct to 100%.
Animal Instinct will now also apply an affliction effect for 8 seconds to all targets hit by Savage Sweep.
Improved Cauterise, Vigour, Shelter, Inner Spark, and Fired Up to benefit from abilities that increase the healing power of Fist abilities.
Increased the bonus damage of Bear Knuckle when hitting impaired targets.
Creature Comfort is now considered both a direct heal and heal over time effect and can benefit from both categories of enhancements.
Increased the range of Blast of Light to 10 metres.

Fixed an issue where the Hammer weapon skill Momentum was not granting the full damage bonus that it should.
Full Momentum now creates 5 instant resources.
Updated the description of Knuckle Down to state that it affects direct heals in addition to damage.
Updated several builders to ensure they are fully affected by Knuckle Down.
No Mercy will now properly gain its buff effect after killing an enemy even after changing areas.
Updated the tooltip of No Mercy to more accurately reflect its behavior.
The No Mercy marker debuff will now be visible and work properly when multiple players apply it at the same time to the same target.
Increased the damage bonus value of You’re Next to 6%.
Clarified the tooltip description for Raging Volcano.
Fixed an issue where Forged in Fire could trigger twice in one cooldown period.

Assault Rifles
Reduced the movement speed penalty when activating an Assault Rifle ability to 40%.
Leeching Frenzy is now affected by Experience and Signet of Hunger.
No Contest will now also increase damage dealt by 8% in addition to making the hit unavoidable.
Short Controlled Bursts will now increase Hit Rating by 200, and Penetration Chance and Critical Chance by 2.5% for Burst abilities.
Changed Accuracy to always provide a 5% damage bonus. It will also now add 50 Hit Rating.
Updated the tooltip description for the Accuracy passive to be more clear.
Reduced the damage dealt by Shoot ‘Em Up.
Reduced the damage dealt by Anticoagulant.
Reduced cast time of Incendiary Grenade to 0.5 seconds.
Fire in the Hole now has two damage components, one delayed and one upon activation. The delayed damage from this ability is now treated as a proc effect and cannot trigger or benefit from Elemental Force or other passive effects.
Suppressing Fire will now deal the majority of its damage on the first hit of the attack. This damage will be able to trigger procs and passives. The subsequent 3 hits will no longer be able to trigger procs and passives.
Tactical Retreat’s delayed damage will no longer benefit from Elemental Force.
Increased the damage dealt by Extra Bullet.
Increased the damage dealt by the primary hit of Trigger Happy.
Increased the back dash from Razor Wire to 10 metres (from 5).
Sharp Shooter now causes an additional hit at ranges greater than 12 metres instead of affecting Hit Rating.

Updated the tooltip on Closer to indicate that it can also affect healing abilities.
Contortionist should now properly increase the barrier value on Expulsion.
Born Leader’s heal effect is now able to critically heal.
Increased the healing and damage of Born Leader.
Born Leader now follows the player as a PBAoE instead of remaining in place when cast.
Utilitarianism will now also cause allies affected by Greater Good to receive healing for the duration of the effect.
Reduced the cast time of Greater Good to instant.
Greater Good will no longer trigger or be affected by the global recharge timer.
Removed the cooldown from Collaboration.
Slightly reduced the damage dealt by Collaboration.
Collaboration will now provide a guaranteed cleanse with a 5 second internal recharge time.
Increased the damage dealt by Marked.
Increased the damage dealt by Above the Law.
Reduced the cooldown of Pistol Love to 25 seconds (from 30).
Increased the resistance duration of Pistol Love to 10 seconds (from 5).
Fixed an issue with Pistol Love that would cause friendly NPCs to hate players.
Bullet Ballet now adds a stack (up to 5) of bonus Critical Rating for each hit.
Updated the tooltip of Cleansing Drone to include the radius and to reflect that this ability lasts for 3 seconds.
Reduced the cooldown of Cleansing Drone to 6 seconds.
Increased the damage dealt by Cleansing Drone.
Increased the number of targets affected by Area Drone to 5 (from 3).
Fixed a typo in Area Drone’s description.
Area Drone will now correctly benefit from effects which increase resource consumer damage and effects which improve Pistol damage.
Reduced the cooldown of Health Drone to 4 seconds (from 20).
Health Drone now hits up to 5 targets (up from 3).
Drone support now heals all group members whenever Cleansing Drone attempts to cleanse.
Removed the 1 second cast time from Gun-Fu.
Gun-Fu will now reduce the cooldown on all Pistol consumers by 4 seconds.
Increased the damage of Bond, Strong Bond.
Increased the dash on Shake and Bake to 10 metres.
Rapid Getaway will now provide the Minor Critical Chance effect when activating any resource consumer. This is in addition to the increased movement speed.
Running Circles now hits the targeted enemy for a small amount of damage when you are moving.
Updated the tooltip of Shot in the Arm to reflect that this ability procs on attempts to cleanse (actually cleansing is not necessary).
Seal the Deal will now increase the damage and healing of all resource consumers rather than every other consumer. This will allow it to affect abilities such as Manifestations, Drones, and Turrets more reliably.
Seal the Deal’s damage bonus has been reduced to 15%.
Seal the Deal will now also increase critical chance for resource consuming abilities by 5%.

Fixed an issue that could cause the Shotgun Wedding damage increase effect to persist permanently.
Removed an extra period from Breach Party’s description.
Updated the word Weakened in Single Barrel’s description to have the correct link.
Stopping Power should now properly advance and consume Elemental Force.
Reduced the cooldown of Smart Bomb to 45 seconds (from 60).
Reduced the cooldown of Bomb Squad to 45 seconds (from 60).

Rocket Launcher
The Clusterstruck animation will now complete even if another action is performed immediately after its use.

Activating Diamond Grit will now remove any active barrier effects.

Reduced the cooldown of Sleight of Hand to 30s (was 40s).
Fixed an issue where you would sometimes not be able to use Sleight of Hand while knocked down.
Reduced the cooldown of Last Resort to 60 seconds (from 80).
Added a damage mitigation effect to Last Resort that occurs after the invulnerability effect ends.
Last Resort will no longer trigger or be affected by the global recharge timer.
Speed Freak will now grant immunity to hinder effects for its duration, and remove hinder effects upon activation.

Signet of Valour will no longer erroneously affect your defensive target.
Signet of Reinforcement should now trigger more reliably when evading attacks.
Signet of Order and Signet of Salvation should now trigger more reliably against a variety of attacks.
Fixed an issue where in certain cases multiple copies of the Thirst effect from Signet of Thirst could work at the same time.
Fixed an issue where in certain cases multiple copies of the Equilibrium effect from Signet of Equilibrium could work at the same time.
Fixed several typos in Signet of Equilibrium.
Updated the trigger method for Signet of Aggression and Signet of Abuse to be more reliable.
All Signet effects which apply a beneficial effect or detrimental effect are now able to be purged or cleansed.

Updated the tooltip of Vivifying Augment to note that it only affects direct heals.
Significantly reduced the hate generated by the healing component of the Salubrious, Invulnerable, Quickening, and Curing Augment effects.
Mercurial and Accelerating Augments will now also reduce the remaining time on the Depleted, Shorted Out, and Uncalibrated debuffs applied by Breaching Shot, Short Fuse, and Deadly Aim.


Story and Faction
London Underground – The Dragon version of this mission should now always update when a player approaches the Crocea Mors, as long as the timer has not yet expired.
Mortal Sins – The Silver Egg is now automatically removed when you complete the mission.
Mortal Sins – Body parts will no longer linger in player inventories after completing the associated zone.

The Savage Coast
Weapons of Minor Destruction – The Pitcher’s mound should no longer get stuck in a non-interactive state.
Jack’s Back – The Ghostlight field in Tier 4 should now properly reset.
Another Bug Hunt – This mission now works in a group. Additionally, two more poor souls have been claimed by the Ak’ab. The mission still only requires locating four.

The Blue Mountain
Dawning of an Endless Night – Fixed an issue causing the cinematic with Ami and Kyra to not play immediately after the first encounter with Beaumont in the Blue Ridge Mine.
The Research of Tyler Freeborn – The Guardian on Tier 1 should now always depart when it is time to go.

The Scorched Desert
The Big Terrible Picture – Players will no longer be killed by hostile wildlife while watching the cinematic in Tier 6 when returning to Montgomery.
From Oxford, With Love – Players will no longer be killed by hostile wildlife while watching the cinematic in Tier 1 when investigating the camp.
A Time to Every Purpose – The Scion of Pompilius will now return to the courtyard if scared off.
O Tempora! O Mores! – The Roman weapons and supplies no longer incorrectly update goal progress extra times.

City of the Sun God
The Binding – It should no longer be possible for aggressive wildlife to kill you while watching the cinematic during Tier 4.

The Shadowy Forest
Wild Hunt – Fixed a sync issue with the audio in the opening cinematic.
The Drăculeşti – The Explosives Detonator and Solomonar Cube are now cleaned up properly when finishing this mission.


Hell Raised
Persistent area effects or meteor showers should no longer damage/kill players while watching the cinematic after Machine Tyrant is killed.
Manhattan Exclusion Zone
Fixed an issue that could cause The Unutterable Lurker to become unresponsive.


Engineer vendors in all faction Headquarters now sell a new set of gadgets. All of these gadgets except for the Restoration Contrivances are only usable in PvP areas, and all of them can be purchased for Black Marks.
Equal Footing will now be applied to all players in PvP areas. It will attempt to provide a statistical increase in power to players below a certain threshold. The priority in stats increased is based on the player’s chosen uniform.
The Equal Footing effect will be removed when updating gear, and will reapply shortly afterward.
The Equal Footing reapplication delay after changing gear will refresh in duration if you change gear while the delay is active.
Increased the bonus health granted by the High Powered Weaponry uniform to 10%.
Increased the bonus health granted by the Reinforced Armour uniform to 25%.
Increased the bonus health granted by the Integrated Anima Conduits uniform to 15%.
Fixed a case where the resurrection UI would show when the player was alive after exiting a PvP match while dead.
Fixed a case where the PvP GUI would break when joining a PvP match from within a different PvP match.
Players will now be removed from all other PvP queues when joining a PvP match.
El Dorado
Carrying a relic will now slow movement speed by 20% and reduce the power of incoming heals, barriers, and leech effects by 25%.
Movement abilities are now locked when carrying a relic.
It is no longer possible to sprint while holding a relic.
Fixed an issue where the Relic of the East and West messages were swapped.
The East Relic should now properly display which faction controls it.
Fixed an issue where the Plant Relic button would not appear on the scoreboard.
Fusang mission rewards should now display the proper icon.
The rewards and cooldowns for the following missions have changed:
Capture Anima Well: Reward – 5 Black Marks // Cooldown – 18 Hours
The Underdogs: Reward – 5 Black Marks // Cooldown – 1 minute
Eliminate 10 Enemies: Reward – 10 Black Marks // Cooldown – 18 Hours
Capture a Facility: Reward – 50 Black Marks // Cooldown – 30 Hours


The announcers in Venice have been asked to stop lying to test participants about certain events as they occur during examinations. They thought it was funny. We, however, do not have a sense of humour.
The Hotel
The Jinn boss should no longer randomly target survivors with Unstable Eruption.


Fixed an issue with a wall in London that could allow players to fall underneath the playfield.
Fixed a location where players could get stuck near the Withered Spring in City of the Sun God.
Fixed a billboard in Kingsmouth Airport that was floating slightly off the ground.

Location of Skill Mentor Leuro-Khian on Republic Fleet

If you’re looking for the location of skill mentor Leuro-Khian on the Republic Fleet, here’s the map location:


This is the person you go to reset your skill tree on the Republic Fleet.

Flash Point 80: A Change Of Destinies

flashpoint-podcastThis episode we do a little bit of introspection on the future of the podcast, before jumping into the usual swamp of MMO news.

Points of discussion:

– The future of the podcast
– Game Update 2.8
– E3 Cantina flash drive files (link)
– Star Wars Battlefront trailer (link)

Jawa Junk Pile
– Marvel Heroes 2015 (link)
– Defiance goes F2P (link)
– Destiny Alpha
– Nintendo surprises at E3
– Next generation of consoles slated for 2018/19?
– No Man’s Sky (link)
– Star Wars Xmas Special review by the Nostalgia Critic (link)
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How Not To Run an MMO: Marvel Heroes

Back when Marvel Heroes launched around a year ago, I forked out the two hundred or so bucks for whatever the big pack was called, to show my support for what I thought would be a great game. It turned out for me at least to be another isometric game with nothing that exciting to differentiate it beside the iconic superhero costumes. For those who’ve listened to our podcast, you’ll know both myself and my excellent co-host have been pretty dismissive of the game, but it still has its merits. Well it did, until the latest fiasco.

For those unaware, Marvel Heroes has just been rebadged as Marvel Heroes 2015. Given it’s not even half way through 2014, I see the name either as a desperate marketing tactic or a heads-up that it’ll be 2015 before you can play the game again. Because for me at least, it’s now unplayable on the two computers I had it installed on.

The issue is with the game’s launcher. For anyone that hasn’t played the game in a few weeks to a month or two, you’ll get a lovely message saying “”Unable to Determine Current Version”.

version-dontknowOn receiving the error I dutifully went to the Marvel Heroes forums and found this thread on how to deal with the issue. I followed the instructions for running as administrator and also deleting the specified files. I did this four times – with the result each time being the exact same error.

I was frustrated by this time to say the least, but decided to have a look further and found this gobsmacking response from Gazillion:



The full text of that response is:

Sorry guys, I’m afraid you guys may have to reinstall the game.

We recently deleted a few patches to make room on our own internal servers, but it accidentally broke the patch chain for some of you.

Again, I am sorry. We have made adjustments so that this issue does not come up again.

Also, please check to see if this thread has a fix for you.


In playing and writing about MMOs for more than seven years, I’ve never come across such poor organisation in regards to a game’s playability. Essentially, if you haven’t logged into Marvel Heroes for a month or two, it looks like your only option is to uninstall and re-download the more than 11GB of data. Something I’ve already had to do once in the past six months.

In addition to this farce of a game, I also maintain active installations of World of Warcraft, The Secret World, Guild Wars 2 and Star Wars: The Old Republic. In all those cases I’ve been playing them for at least eighteen months and in the case of WoW, seven years. In all that time I’ve never had to re-download the core game data, except for Marvel Heroes. While writing this, Guild Wars 2 downloaded a large update as I haven’t played the game in probably 12 weeks. It downloaded flawlessly and it’s a hell of a more complex game than Marvel Heroes will ever be.

Hang your head in shame Gazillion and give yourself an uppercut while you’re down there.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the game or if you’re having launcher issues. Post away in comments.

Flash Point 79: The Pile Of Shame

flashpoint-podcastThis episode we bid farewell to Kris and talk everything from SWTOR to Mario Kart.

Points of discussion:

– Kris’ departure from podcast (you’ll be missed Kris!)
– Future of the podcast more broadly – we need your input! (via Twitter or Email)

Summer of SWTOR update
– Larry Everett’s tips on beating the gambling system in SWTOR 2.8 if you’re playing it on PTS (link)
– Reddit thread touting the future of SWTOR and ‘SWTOR 2 – (link)

Jawa Junk Pile
– Win a chance to be in Star Wars Episode 7 (link)
– Hearthstone
– Mario Kart 8
– WildStar early access
– Simon’s shopping expedition and bargain game score
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Conjecture on Future of SWTOR


A reproduction of this Reddit post claiming to be inside knowledge of what’s happening over the next couple of years in SWTOR. Fantasy or fact – you decide:

Star Wars: Prelude to Darkness

A bunch of us ended up being privy to some meetings that were meant to be kept secret from us, so I should be safe and anonymous enough to share this information. I’m only doing this because I love this game and I think the plans to keep all of this secret until the last moment are only to the game’s detriment. I’m not actually a super lore-nerd, so I might miscommunicate some of what I heard—I tried SO hard to get this accurate and to remember as best as I could for you guys.

  1. EA and Disney have a brilliant plan for SWTOR. It will be upgraded to canon in the next expansion and will have some subtle tie-ins with Star Wars 7. (Specifically, a certain planet will be used and lord Vitiate will be an off-screen influence on the main villain of 7). The first step, although it won’t be obvious how, to SWTOR’s ending has begun in Forged Alliances.
  2. The storyline for SWTOR is going to end in about 3.5 years, and the sequel is already in development. These next 3 years are going to see an increase in funding as the game is brought back in line with initial expectations. There is a fun plan to let SWTOR run for as long as players want it to, with dynamic and scaling end-game content, but focus will shift to SWTOR 2. It will run on the Cryengine 3 Frostbite 3 (sorry I was excited and they look similar to me), so your first preview of how the game might look/run will be Dragon Age 3 later this year.
  3. The personal stories of SWTOR will continue in the next major Xpac, and they will each have an “ending”. YOUR character from SWTOR will appear in the as-yet-unnamed SWTOR 2 in various forms. Force Ghosts, holocrons, etc. As of right now, only one class appears to be able to survive until SWTOR 2 (Sith Inquisitor), but that might change. These will use your appearance settings and dialogue based on the actions you chose in the game. I will detail what I could gather about the plot later on in this post.
  4. There will be a newgame+ option added to SWTOR, some big bonuses for players who use it, and some major tweaks to the leveling experience and early planets. For example, coroscant lets you turn in most quests via holocalls rather than walking back. Newgame+ will be important as some characters that were not previously able to will become companions if certain story options are taken, and same gender romance will be added. It appears LucasArts was the one behind not allowing them in the first place. There will be some hefty rewards and updates to the original game that make going through newgame+ for that new companion romance feel less painful if you don’t want to. For example, a “rocket boots” type move for each class that is specific to each class (SI get to ride the lightning), and a class specific mount granted at level 15, that upgrades to a better appearance at level 30.
  5. The engine will be heavily revamped, and with the expansion, the game will be brought to consoles as a buy-to-play title with a cartel market. The goal will be to revamp all existing game systems so that everything fits nicely into place as one coherent whole game.
  6. New species—Torgruta, some other ugly thing

Gameplay/expansion features:

-Most level 60 content will involve cross-faction queues, when story appropriate.

-There will be some cross-faction planets where you can work cooperatively with the other faction. On PVP servers, you can flag yourselves PvP on these planets anyway.

-New action mode that allows mouselook and changes some of your move to macros to reduce your number of keybinds.

-Can use appearance changer on most companions, including species change.

-Same sex romance for most companions, including a few new romance options (Jaesa Lightside is one)

The Ending of SWTOR:

-Lord Vitiate has regained his power for the most part. His 300 year link to Revan allowed him to subsume Revan at the end of Foundry. (The two are now one, mostly integrated personality, although both sides will have chances to flash to the forefront). He has also been able to absorb power from the “deaths” of many powerful force users. (Spoilers: Darth Thanaton, for example, and Lord Baras if you’re on a Sith Warrior who didn’t spare him, same thing for Syo Bakarn and many other characters, Jadus, etc. You kill a lot of powerful Sith, and apparently the Emperor had their essences on tap. Choosing to spare various Sith will make Vitiate a bit weaker for your account).

-Vitiate has assembled a host of what are basically all the enemies that have been fought in SWTOR—Directive 7, some dread stuff, some cosmic horrors. Not all of them realize they are directly controlled by him, instead acting as puppets, but they serve his purposes.

-NEW CLASS STORIES: Each of the 8 characters will take on a major role in opposing Vitiate’s new attempt to absorb all life in the galaxy and become a God. Interesting, many characters and companions will appear in each other’s stories, and will make the dialogue choices that your character would based on LS/DS alignment. Some combinations will even have flirt options and such, which is fun, and some dialogue options will change based on how your characters are placed on the family tree (for example, rude options chosen if they are a rival, some indication of family/alliances/relationships between others. No, you wont be able to flirt with family, even if this is star wars).

Story spoilers:

The planetary story arcs will all deal with differing elements of fighting Vitiate and what he is doing. Many planets will be returned to for new level 55+ content

Korriban and Tython are important because Vitiate gets some powers from these planets, and some ancient droids/force-weapons.

-IA story will deal with infiltrating elements of the Republic AND Sith fleet that have been secretly taken over by the Emperor. A long series of manipulations will lead to the two sides of Vitiate’s stolen fleet fighting one another while the IA assassinates most of the leaders of Vitiate’s Navy.

-The JK storyline will be very dark, with one companion being forced back into Vitiate’s sway at intervals. The Emperor will also be closely connected to you, and try to take over your mind at times. This will lead to the Jedi Council trying to reign you in and keep you from going on missions—forcing the JK to ask mostly without the support of the Jedi or Republic. The JK will attempt to assassinate Vitiate and fail, losing a companion’s life. There will actually be a branching story where the JK can turn to the dark side if he is not already, or gain enhanced DS power. At least one companion will turn with you. The JK will then focus on defense—using powerful force artifacts to create barriers to Vitiate’s attempts to drain all life from the universe. These arcs will be assaulted by the most powerful enemies Vitiate can muster, and it will be the JK’s job to defend them. Vitiate WILL get to begin his ritual, and it will be the Jedi Knights job to protect the primary Arc—located on coroscant. Lightside choices allow the Jedi Knight to sacrifice themselves—they become a force ghost that can still take corporeal form. The Dark Side choice allows the arc to be destroyed instead, but the JK gains access to powerful dark-side alternative visuals for some moves.

-The Sith Inquisitor will hunt down various artifacts, force-users, and even some ghosts that are aiding Vitiate’s power. The SI will have no choice but to take this power for themselves, leading to visions that show the SI taking Vitiate’s place as sort of God. As the story progresses and Darth Marr is killed, you take over leadership of the Empire. You have multiple options to waste resources by attacking the Republic to your own benefit, or could allow for an alliance that leads to Vitiate’s destruction. The SI gets an option to take Vitiate’s place and become a cosmic force entitity—killing all those that Vitiate would kill, but taking the power for themselves instead. The SI passes off this choice to others by saying Vitiate did it.

-The Consular will lead the Jedi Council’s efforts in the war. You can make peace with the Empire or launch several surprise attacks and take some of the Empire’s forces for yourself. You will focus mostly on macro level conflicts, and getting all the chess pieces in place for the final assault on Vitiate. You will have the option to destroy Korriban.

-The Bounty Hunter is the one who actually gets to kill Vitiate as he is in the middle of his Dark Side ritual. Building up to this point, you get to assassinate a HUGE amount of important characters in both the Empire and The Republic—anyone standing in the way of destroying Vitiate efficiently and effectively will be eliminated by you. The Voss will aid the BH in becoming resistant to force attacks prior to the showdown with the Emperor.

-The Sith Warrior gets the option to play in support of Vitiate, however, at the end of the story, he betrays and attempts to kill you, so you don’t actually get to help him fully destroy the Universe. There are some arguing internally for non-canon endings to allow some stuff like this. Basically, you will be wrapped up in the Emperor’s Orders and organization, and have the LS options to betray him as much as possible, at some cost to yourself, or the DS option to simply act as his hand. You will come under attack from MANY sides, including some aggressive attempts by the Sith Inquisitor and Bounty Hunter.

-The Smuggler will essentially serve as an evacuator, as many planets fall to Vitiate, you will extract essential personnel from both the Republic and the Empire—or just their information on how to defeat him. Helping a powerful light-side sith early on will get your ship the ability to ignore many of the force-barriers and powers Vitiate will use. You will get to save the lives of 2 of the other player characters at various points in the story and will get the option to have T7 join your crew. You will also seek out some of the parts and designs that allow the Arks that will resist Vitiate to be built, and be charged with some essential backups of information that will help rebuild the universe if all else fails.

-The Republic Trooper—this one is a bit confusing. The trooper is sent to help the Empire prepare for the attack, since the Republic learns of it first. The Sith Inquistor charges him with the defense of Korriban from one of Vitiate’s first attacks. The trooper gets multiple options to weaken the Empire, or keep their forces to help fight vitiate. Throughout the story, you basically earn the respect of Imperial Citizens, oppose and can even kill Sith Lords who seek personal power or craziness instead of fighting Vitiate, and you end up leading many combined forces of Imperial and Republic forces against Vitiate. Your character becomes the main reason the two sides can work together on the missions that are surprisingly successful against Vitiate, and which allow the other characters to conduct the business as they are. This character gets referenced in many of the planetary quests.

–So, basically, the way the story ends is that Lord Vitiate is about 25% successful with his plans. Most planets near the core experience significant loss of life, except for the ones that had force artifacts shielding them via some of the story lines, the ones that had some sort of protection via deception (IA gets a planet to pretend to be allied with Vit to protect it). The arcs are successful depending on light-side/dark-side options.

-Elder game content will involve rebuilding the galaxy, as the Republic and the Sith Empire have basically crumbled, and the galaxy will now be lawless.

-The final patch of the game will involve Warlords rising to power. This will be to set up the next Star Wars MMO, which will take place about 100 years later, in a time period where the Republic and Sith Empire do not exist as they do now. Players will instead choose between multiple factions that have various relationships with each other. The Republic will be a monarchy that exists mostly only on Coroscant with influence on few other worlds, but will be able to be partially restored as the next game progresses. The Sith forces will be divided into multiple factions.

-The coolest thing will be seeing YOUR character get imported into the next game. Some scenes will just be via recorded holos—such as the BH taking down Vitiate. But some of the characters will have a major role. The Sith Inquisitor character will remain alive and well due to absorbing Vitiate’s power, and will be a major player on at least one planet of the next MMO. The JK Force Ghost will be influential.

There’s so much more, but I’m tired from all this typing. Enjoy!

Where Is The Curator On The Republic Fleet? Right Here

If like me you’ve accumulated a bunch of premium or ancient gift fragments in SWTOR, you might be wondering what to do with them. You need to go see the Curator, whose name is Luna on the Republic Fleet. Here’s the location:


Hope that helps – the Curator on the Imperial Fleet is in the same location.

Flash Point 78: Gail Enters The Game

flashpoint-podcastFor those who have listened to the podcast for a while, you may have wondered who this person called Gail is that we mention each episode (in fact, we’ve mentioned her on every single episode from memory). Well this week all is revealed as Gail joins Simon and David.

Points of discussion:

– Dissection of SWTOR 2.8 Update 3 on PTS (link to Pretty Little Sith’s preview of the casino event)
– Vancouver Community Cantina info trawled from USB drive (link)
– Jawa Scrap Peddlers move into Cartel Bazaar (link)
– Rancor Mounts and PvP season 1 outcry (link)

Jawa Junk Pile
– Wildstar and guild naming stuff-up (link to issue and the consolation to be supplied)
– World of Warcraft chat, including buying Level 90s
– World of Warcraft movie (link)
– Elder Scrolls Online delayed for consoles (link)
– Microsoft announces new Xbox One SKU without Kinect
– Halo 1-4 Collection for Xbox One coming (link)
– Halo 5: Guardians announced (link)
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