SWTOR Guild Summit: Legacy information

We’re pleased to throw Toby, our day-shift news droid into the fray to report some of the highlights from Day 1 of the Guild Summit. Thanks Toby! And damn you day jobs, damn you!

Hi, Toby here, reporting from the guild summit live stream. Here’s the key bits from the legacy panel:

The details disclosed:

- buffs unlocked for every companion quest line completed
- although not in 1.2, a ‘Grey’ alignment will have its rewards, just like ‘Light’ and ‘Dark’ side alignment
- social rank unlocks: can dance with companion, ‘brawling abilities’ for unarmed duels
- RP packs to go along with new emotes
- most legacy unlocks can not only be earned but can also be purchased
- cooldown reductions for Fleet Passes
- new Sprint level (Bounty Hunters via their Rocket Pack, the rest via ‘rocket boots’
- training dummies – including Warzone and Operations dummies
- Repair Atsromech on your ship – will repair, buy and sell your items
- Neutral GTN terminal and mailbox on your ship! (The GTN terminal option is “VERY” high up the legacy system)
- Any legacy items can be mailed to your other toons, including cross-faction
- Unique Orange items only available via Legacy
- the future: customising your alt experience e.g. buy speeder license earlier than currently available


- character transfers ‘not in immediate future’ but will be able to meld legacies
- no specific plan to allow sharing of legacies with other players but it’s on the list to do
- yes you will be able to use Force Choke on Republic side (via Legacy unlock)
- yes a WoW Barber shop equivalent is on the table but a ways off
- shared alt bank space (legacy bank) is on the timetable, so set date
- no plans for additional character slots, related to legacy or otherwise
- 1.3: can buy buffs for XP for things you like doing (see character customisation above)
- no present plans for bind to legacy gear dropping in PvP / Flashpoiints / Operations
- dual spec: ‘multi-spec’ is coming and likely to be tied to legacy system – well after 1.2 though
- spec being written to allow for both character and legacy name changes (likely to cost or have some other ‘gate’)
- maximum legacy level cap is 50 but definitely expandable
- C2-N2 will have a voice restraining bolt
- companions can’t go in legacy family tree at this stage
- cosmetic ship upgrades are in the future but not necessarily tied to legacy
- non-Force users can only use legacy unlocked Force buffs if there’s another Force user in the family

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1082561675 Stewart Horne

    Nutural bonus!
    I’ve been trying verry had to keep my bounty hunter nuteral and I’m soo glad that I’ve been given an eventual reward.

  • Enjaysee

    “C2-N2 will have a voice restraining bolt”


  • Roonerspism

    Love every single bullet point on this list. All points to the game just continuing to get better.

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