Unofficial Oceanic PvE Servers Announced

It’s been months in the making, but all of the Oceanic guilds that have worked together, have pulled off some unofficial Oceanic servers. Harbinger (US West) looks like being the primary PvE server, with Jekk’Jekk Tarr (US West) also having a lot of oceanic guilds on it.

For the stats geeks, you can see the numbers breakdown here.

It’s one of the final pieces of the pre-launch jigsaw for Oceanic guilds in particular, and well done to all the guilds who worked through the whole daisy-chain process!

Over to you: will you be jumping on one of these servers once the game goes live?

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  • Drayk

    No guild affiliations so going to choose Harbinger, now just need to wait for that invite. Hopefully the wait won’t be long

  • Svava

    new oceanic forum channel, /chat join oceanic
    just ask in there and try your luck

  • Dominance

    Seems like harbinger is pretty full. I’m hoping I can get in there when I get my invite. It’d be good to play with other Aussies.

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